Don built a new house for us that we’ve been living in for over a year now in Brewster.

I had a great experience with Don. We had a situation where I was looking for a builder that could build for us a weather tight shell that also included electric, insulation, and plumbing and I would take care of the remainder (interior trim, floor install, etc. I interviewed about 7 or 8 builders, including Don. I felt the chemistry was right with Don from our first meeting. He was very flexible to help us achieve what we wanted within our budget.

His relationships with his subcontractors was obviously very good which I think made a big difference for the positive. He’s very knowledgeable about building procedures, designe and practical uses of space… .which helped with the build.

He was very responsive to any inquiries I had during the build process, answered emails and phone calls promptly and his office assistant, Ann was always available in case Don was out of reach.

We had two instances…. one involving faulty material and the other involving a faulty seal around where the electrical line entered the house. Upon discovery of both (the faulty foundation seal 6 months after we moved in) Don attended to and fixed both in a very timely manner and at no charge to us.

I can, without hesitation, enthusiastically recommend Don. He’s honest, very into his work, produces a nice product and…. I’m glad we had him build our house.

Р John Fishman
Brewster, MA