In House Design


As a design-build company, we are able to offer our full attention and expertise throughout any project, from concept to completion. We listen to your needs and translate your vision into a custom home that you’ll be proud of for years to come. Over many years, we have built long-standing relationships with architectural firms, allowing us to best suit the needs of our clients. While we find many clients like the one-stop-shop experience, we have also found there are many who prefer to engage with an architectural firm. We often collaborate with architects outside of our firm, whether it is through a client that brings us to the table to join the team for their project, or an architect asking us to become involved with them on a project.

If you are an architect looking for a quality builder to partner with, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your project needs and share our industry knowledge. We respect working relationships and value the opportunity to partner with one another, developing a home that we will all be proud of once completed. We are here not only for the planning and construction phase, but also offer on-going care for the homes and properties well beyond final completion.

Our In-House Design Process


1. Site Visit

We’ll assess the natural characteristics of your property’s location and surroundings, noting any obvious limitations and make initial recommendations.


2. Topographical Survey

We gather data on the elevation of your property as well as any natural or man-made features, using this information as the starting point of the design process.


3. Design Objectives

After surveying the property, we’ll meet with you to discuss the design objectives that are most important to you, including, but not limited to: style, room requirements, lifestyle needs, outdoor living areas and more.


4. Preliminary Floor Plans

After learning your objectives and needs, we’ll create an initial floor plan that includes the layout of each space, as well as the location of all windows and doors. Our design team will work with you to analyze the plans, give feedback and make changes until you are comfortable proceeding to the next step.


5. 3D Model

The next step in our design process is to create and present 3D models of the interior and exterior of your home. Two-dimensional floor plans, although necessary, can be difficult to visualize. This important step brings the home to life, avoiding the risk of any confusion and most importantly, getting you excited about your new home or renovation!